'Clever in what she does competing for the attention of those people that you know. My whole life revolves around your absence until I can't remember what I was, what I am, what I know or where I go. Every moment was that moment. Every day was that day. Every second was that second. And I've lost myself again.
Yes, I've lost myself again.'
go.ask.alice am 21.11.08 21:24

i don't need a photograph

you never left my mind.


und das ist leider endlich mal die Wahrheit.
Oder vll. auch nicht.
Jedenfalls haben der Rum und ich unseren Spaß.
bambi. am 18.11.08 22:11

No more where-did-it-go-wrongs,
no more what-could-we-have-dones.
bambi. am 1.10.08 21:04

just as the moon does - we rise and shine and fall... Marionette[n]
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